Dear Sir or Madam,

The research project SuMo-Rhine cordially invites you to the 1st Participative Workshop “Municipal Perspectives” of sustainable mobility in the Upper Rhine region. The event will take place on November 13, 2019 at the Haus zur Lieben Hand in the Löwenstraße 16 in Freiburg.

The aim of this practical research project is to analyze regional transport systems and to evaluate them better in terms of their sustainability. In the course of this, a “network-based decision-making tool” with relevant sustainability indicators will be developed. The system makes these indicators available to cities, municipalities, mobility offices and service providers to assess their own mobility supply. In this first participatory workshop, the first results and the indicators will be presented and discussed with the target group.

Participants in the interactive format are invited to share their needs and experiences with the researchers from a community perspective, thereby improving the practicality of this field decision support tool.

Prof. dr. Barbara Koch, Head of the Department of Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems of the University of Freiburg will open the event. In the morning the research project and the indicators system will be presented. After lunch, the interactive part of this workshop begins.

The event is aimed in particular at city and traffic planners, sustainability and climate officers as well as decision-makers and experts at the municipal level from Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate.
Participation is free. However, we ask you to register until the 8th of November