WP 2 – Analysis of mobility needs


The focus of this work package is an online-survey of how people commute to work in the Upper Rhine region and their reasons for choosing certain transport means. It pays attention to psychological factors (e.g., attitudes and norms) that shape choices as well as past behaviour and contextual determinants, such as availability of cars or public transport connections. The groups’ initial intent to assess cross-border mobility with a survey in spring 2020 had to be adjusted as a result of COVID19 and the closure of borders. For the adapted survey, the group added questions on the perceptions of COVID19-related risks. The survey also differentiates between those that work from home due to the coronavirus crisis and those that commute to work. The first wave of the online-survey with about 1.000 participants was conducted in January 2021, the second wave will follow later in the year.


This work package is ongoing. Results will be available at a later time.


Dr. Melanie Ströbel


Mail: stroebel@uni-landau.de