University of Haute Alsace (UHA)

The University of Haute Alsace is, with the University of Strasbourg, one of the two universities of Alsace. It is located in the south of Alsace in two cities, Mulhouse and Colmar, and five campuses. Its total number of students is up to 8.000 and it graduates more than 3.000 students yearly. Its budget is of 94M€ where more than 18% is self-funding. UHA has 15 research labs grouped into three disciplinary fields that are; the Chemistry, Functional Materials & Environment, the Interculturality: Humanities, Societies, Sustainable Economies, and the Intelligent systems, Digital, Processes and Advanced Textiles. UHA has more than thousand staff.

Institut de Recherche en Informatique Mathématiques Automatique et Systèmes (IRIMAS)

The Institut de Recherche en Informatique Mathématiques Automatique et Systèmesis a research institute of the University of Haute Alsace that researchers pertain to three topics that are mathematics, computer science and automatic image and signal processing. The Modélisation et Identification and Automatique et Mécanique (MIAM) and the Télécommunications et Réseaux (TR) teams of IRIMAS are involved into the Interreg Sustainable Mobility (SuMo) Project. Their research focuses respectively on autonomic driving and on networking for mobile devices and sensor networking. Into the SuMo project their will work together with the LIVE lab from the CNRS/University of Strasbourg about a simulation tool for communicating mobile devices into urban areas. This tool is aimed to be used for the evaluation of the impact of new pollutants reduction strategies.