SuMo-Rhine summer and website update

In the past six months, the SuMo project team has continued with its reseach. For example, another participatory workshop was conducted by our French project partners of ENSAS and UNISTRA/CNRS. You can find a detailed report of the workshop here. But there has also been a lot going on in the background, so that one or the other of the research team is certainly looking forward to a short summer break.

To give you a better insight into the research activities in the background, we have decided to make the activities and some of the results of the different work packages available for you on our website. You can find the reports in the menu “Work packages” and on the overview page of the work packages.

In addition, preparations for the project’s final event are underway. We can already give you the date for the final event. It will take place on 17 November 2021. Please mark this date in your calendar. An invitation will follow.

The SuMo-Rhine team wishes you a wonderful summer!