Presentation of the SuMo-Rhine project in “Trait d’Union européenne”

The French booklet “Trait d’Union européenne” covers Europe and cross-border cooperation in the region Grand Est in its edition of December 2020. In accordance with the topic, the SuMo-Rhine project was presented as one of four projects. The article is treating the development and current progress of the indicator system which is developed within the SuMo-Rhine project. In addition, the project leader Dr. Kira Schumacher highlights the importance of the Interreg program for cross-border research projects. As mobility needs are existing across borders, there is a strong need to stay in contact with stakeholders and institutions from both sides of the Rhine. Thanks to the collaboration of researchers from France and Germany it is possible to establish the necessary contacts and to jointly do research on solutions for a sustainable mobility in the Upper Rhine Region.

You can find the complete article here. The booklet “Trait d’Union européenne” is published by the information centre “Europe Direct – Citoyens & Territoires Grand Est” and is released biannually.

Image rights: Citoyens & Territoires Grand Est (cover page), European Union, CE, 2020 (pictures with the European flag), and without image rights (image of Metz)